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Floral finesse is what we call our new Venture - Jaimala by

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Being in the wedding Industry or to be precise, floral industry for about 10 years, for us the team of Pelli poola jada, flowers and floral art are very close to our heart. The number of hours each Branch Manager spent in their trainings and practice is pure old fashioned hard work and all their creativity during these stretch of sessions are what gave birth to the amazing range of products that we present with pride.


However as a team, we never stopped placing ourselves on challenging tasks and pushed ourselves to settle for only the best. And that’s how Ladies and Gentleman Jaimala by Krishna was born. We realized that the majority of the wedding garlands available in the current market only constitute a handful of mediocre designs and that this is one area which needed much more finesse. After all, the whole art of Garland making has been passed down across various generations with love and it is the Indian weddings that kept the art alive.


From wedding garlands made of country roses, to garlands weighing at least 5kgs and Malas made of English roses, we have seen all trends across decades. But now we have something much more exciting!! Brace yourself as we reveal the most stunning catalogue of wedding garlands specially designed under our new venture Jai Mala by Krishna. Each Garland is carefully designed and customized in various color combinations and for various occasions. While our traditional country flowers are used for weddings, Baby showers and other ceremonial events, ranges of delicate exotic flowers are beautifully incorporated into garlands for events like receptions and engagements.


I hope you are as much excited as we are for this yet, another new beginning and we hope you continue to support and show your love as always. For our new catalogue of Jaimala by Krishna , please feel to contact your near branch linked here or please visit our instagram page @jaimalabyKrishna. Do watch this space for some exciting updates from us.

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